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kunanyi Mount Wellington

kunanyi is fundamental to our sense of place. Whether it is sublime evening light, a fresh mantle of snow or the soaring cliffs of the Organ Pipes, the ever-changing aspects of kunanyi loom large. The proposed cableway would despoil an ancient landscape and Aboriginal heritage with destructive new roads, massive towers, wires, aerial buses and an imposing building at the Pinnacle. The experience of looking at and being on the mountain would be changed forever.


About the project

Tasmanians love kunanyi / Mount Wellington – the Mountain. The OUTSIDE THE BOX / Earth Arts Rights team stands with community groups ‘Residents Opposed to the Cable Car’ and ‘Respect The Mountain’ in the campaign to protect and respect the natural and cultural landscape of kunanyi.

We oppose the proposed cable car development. The proposal is divisive. Community representations have been repeatedly ignored. The process continues to face serious questions about integrity and fairness. The development threatens the wildness and tramples on cultural sensitivities. That’s it… summed up in a nutshell.

OUTSIDE THE BOX / Earth Arts Rights uses its design expertise to support the campaign. We developed a wide range of campaign materials to help raise awareness and the visibility of the issues. The power of design pits itself against the institutions of power. Beauty versus might.

Graphic logo for the campaign showing a stylised kunanyi / Mount Wellington with four cables descending down from the summit and the words “Residents opposed to the cable car”.
Residents Opposed to the Cable Car logo
Image of campaign poster for the Hobart City Council Election in October 2018, with the words “Vote for the Mountain, No Cable Car”, “protecting kunanyi/Mt Wellington” over a photo of the mountain featuring the organ pipes and with graphic lines indicating the cables.
Campaign poster for the Hobart City Council Election in October 2018
Image of the cover of the 2021 kunanyi / Mount Wellington calendar featuring a photo of kunanyi glowing purplish in the dawn light, with eucalypt forest in the foreground.
2021 kunanyi / Mount Wellington calendar
Photo from the air of a protest in which people dressed in red form the words “No Cable Car” against a grass hillside, with the forest and mountain in the background.
“No Cable Car” protest
Images: Rob Blakers