OUTSIDE THE BOX / Earth Arts Rights

Artist’s Own Box

Welcome to Artist’s Own Box!

We are developing a portal to showcase some of Tasmania’s finest artists. So bear with us, it will take a bit of time to realise! It is our intent that this collection, along with the property on which OUTSIDE THE BOX sits, will form the heart of an ongoing organisation dedicated to Earth Arts Rights into the future and beyond our own lifetimes. Here is a taste of what’s to come.

  • Image of Helen Wright’s painting “Their garden, their chair” showing a simple wooden chair against a light blue background, with Australian birds framing the top and two sides of the blue.
    Helen Wright – Their garden, their chair, 2020
  • Etching by artist Raymond Arnold titled Mt Lyell V (2012) showing a black and white landscape strewn with rocks with an occasional tree.
    Raymond Arnold – Mt Lyell V, 2012
  • Painting by artist David Keeling, Untitled (2011) showing a hallway in an modern architecturally designed house with a large picture window revealing a coastal landscape with a walking track.
    David Keeling – Untitled, 2011
  • Painting by artist Helen Wright, titled House of Ash (2013) showing a striking red background with a house constructed of small white ash particles sitting on a wrought iron bed stand.
    Helen Wright – House of ash, 2013
  • Sculpture by artist Helen Wright, titled The black throated Finch meets Adani (channelling my inner Goya) (2019) made from a piece of concrete fixed to a plinth with a metal rod. The surface is painted with a blue iridescent paint and features a bird looking at a lump of coal.
    Helen Wright – The black throated Finch meets Adani (channelling my inner Goya), 2019
  • Painting by artist David Keeling, titled Uplands (2007) showing a stand of small dead eucalyptus tree trunks in the foreground and a heathland that gives way to a mountain range in the distance.
    David Keeling – Uplands, 2007
  • Painting by artist Raymond Arnold titled Toward light: Aboriginal landscape (2018) showing a dark and abstract casuarina landscape.
    Raymond Arnold – Toward light: Aboriginal landscape, 2018