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Disability Voices Tasmania

People with disability are no less animated, excited, thoughtful, strategic or determined to work together than any other community group. But like any group of people, our power to effect change lies in a united, collective voice that will add value to the whole community.

Disability Voices Tasmania

About the project

Disability Voices Tasmania is a new organisation run by and for people with disability. Its purpose is to support and work with people with disability to become empowered to use our voices to raise awareness of the collective experience of barriers and exclusion and what needs to change.

Core to this is that the voices of people with disability will be heard and respected, and this will result in better protection and fulfillment of human rights including being equal participants in Tasmanian society and decision-making.

OUTSIDE THE BOX / Earth Arts Rights has been working with Disability Voices Tasmania in developing governance structures for the new organisation, and supporting it in its work to get funding and recognition in the broad disability community.

This support is ongoing with one of our Directors being on the management committee of Disability Voices Tasmania.

Training on specific projects around using personal stories to influence change has been provided through one of our auspiced organisations, the Inglis Clark Centre for Democracy and Human Rights.

Accessibility is getting in the door. Diversity is being invited to the table. Inclusion is having a voice at the table. Belonging is when your voice is heard.

Still photo of Janelle McMillan in an electric wheelchair travelling along a footpath with the Derwent River in the background. Still taken from the video made by Lara van Raay for the Rafting project.
Janelle McMillan in an electric wheelchair.
Logo of Disability Voices Tasmania: a green speech bubble with the name inside the bubble.
Disability Voices Tasmania logo